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Stay Close To Music
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Mykki Blanco
Catalogue Number
Release Date
14 Oktober 2022

‘Stay Close To Music’, the forthcoming new studio album from Mykki Blanco, is unlike anything they have released before. Adventurous and expansive, it shatters any previously held assumptions about Mykki’s artistry, leaving them free to define their sound for themselves.

The LP’s lead single, the Lou Reed-indebted ‘French Lessons’, which features Kelsey Lu (ANOHNI lends a feature on the album version). “The song is a reflection on the possibility of true love, on the notion that one truly can experience what we see in the Hollywood films,” Mykki reveals.Leading to ‘French Lessons’ Mykki has shared ‘Your Love Was a Gift’ and ‘Family Ties’ which features Michael Stipe. The tracks saw support from the likes of Rolling Stone, Guaridan, MOJO, NME, LOBF, CLASH, and more. In addition to Stipe, Stay Close To Music also has features from Saul Williams, ANOHNI, Dianna Gordon, Devendra Banhart, Jónsi and more.

Mykki Blanco is an artist revered for their fearless ability to evolve, placing their creative exploration at the forefront of their career. With ‘Stay Close To Music’, Mykki Blanco is leveling up. By stepping into unchartered territory untethered and free, they have fulfilled their ambitions and created a rich, complex and accomplished sound that belongs entirely to them and which only solidifies their status as one of the world’s most innovative musical pioneers.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Pink Diamond Bezel 3:15 Kaufen

    Pink Diamond Bezel

  2. 2 Steps 3:58 Kaufen
  3. 3 French Lessons 3:24 Kaufen

    French Lessons

  4. 4 Ketamine 4:34 Kaufen
  5. 5 Your Love Was A Gift 4:20 Kaufen

    Your Love Was A Gift

  6. 6 Family Ties 3:44 Kaufen

    Family Ties

  7. 7 Your Feminism Is Not My Feminism 4:23 Kaufen

    Your Feminism Is Not My Feminism

  8. 8 Lucky 2:20 Kaufen
  9. 9 Interlude 0:21 Kaufen


  10. 10 Trust A Little Bit 3:37 Kaufen

    Trust A Little Bit

  11. 11 You Will Find It 4:31 Kaufen

    You Will Find It

  12. 12 Carry On 5:24 Kaufen
  13. 13 French Lessons (Bonus Track) 3:25 Kaufen

    French Lessons (Bonus Track)

Mykki Blanco

Mykki Blanco

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